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Best Practices for VoIP in the Call Center

Video Description:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has reached a new level of maturity in the contact center industry. We can now shift the conversation from “Why should I do VoIP?” to “When and how should I move to VoIP?”
Because VoIP is such a rich, deep and complex topic, defining best practices for planning, implementation and support requires more than one article. Therefore, this article is the first in a series to help those that are on their way to VoIP — or anticipate they soon will be — to prepare for a successful transition that has lasting business value for the company and the center. Start a VoIP Planning Process
VoIP offers many opportunities for delivering business value. While the multisite is the “killer application” for VoIP, single-site environments can also find business value in this new system, including pseudo-multisite configurations for remote agents in satellite offices or homes, and business continuity and multimedia contact center operations.
TAGS: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Transitioning to VoIP, Vs traditional phone systems, New Technology Evaluation, Customization, Ease of implementation, Integration issues, Scalability, Calculating ROI for application/system, Impact of application.

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Best Practices for VoIP in the Call Center

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